How to enter

Publication window 

The prize is open to books first published between 1 July 2021 and 1 July 2022.

Number of titles 

A publishing house may enter up to eight individual books from each imprint that it runs for consideration for the prize. Authors entering directly may submit one title.

What to enter

Please send 6 copies of each book you are entering for the prize to Emily Wright, The Gordon Burn Prize, New Writing North, 3 Ellison Terrace, Ellison Place, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE1 8ST. Additionally please upload Word or PDF files of each title into the online form. We accept proof copies, manuscripts and final copies.

Author and publisher consent

If a publisher makes an entry it is their responsibility to ascertain that the author of the work is aware of the submission and that she/he has given their consent. If the submission is made directly by an author it is their responsibility to ensure that their publisher knows that they have entered.

Administration Fee

There is an administration fee of £55 per book (plus VAT) for entering the Gordon Burn Prize. This charge is necessary to allow us to cover the costs required to manage the prize and support the processing of entries. There are no further costs for publishers at longlisting or shortlisting stages. Smaller independent publishers who feel this may prevent them from entering for the prize should contact to discuss this further.

Online form

Entries must be accompanied by a completed online entry form.


If you have a query about submissions please email Emily Wright via