Michelle McNamara


I’ll be Gone in the Dark

Faber & Faber

I’ll be Gone in the Dark is an utterly gripping account of journalist Michelle McNamara’s investigation into the Golden State Killer, a serial murderer who remained undetected by authorities for decades. McNamara’s expert handling of her story takes the reader deep into both her subject and her own obsessive pursuit of the truth. This compelling book is a landmark in true-crime writing that is underscored by the early death of its author, who passed away while still writing and researching her story.

Michelle McNamara (1970–2016) was the author of the website She earned an MFA in fiction writing from the University of Minnesota and had sold television pilots to ABC and Fox, and a screenplay to Paramount. She also worked as a consultant for Dateline NBC. She lived in Los Angeles and is survived by her husband, Patton Oswalt, and their daughter, Alice.