Guy Gunaratne


In Our Mad and Furious City

Tinder Press

Gunaratne’s ambitious debut, In Our Mad and Furious City is set on a London estate during the tense and unsettled summer days following the murder of a British soldier. Tracing the passions, dreams and pains of lifelong friends Selvon, Ardan and Yusuf, as well as the stories of a previous generation told by Mary and Nelson, the novel bristles with energy as it explores an estate where football, grime, sex and radicalism are explosively propelled towards each other.

Guy Gunaratne grew up in North West London and has worked as a designer, documentary filmmaker and video journalist covering post-conflict areas around the world, as well as co-founding two technology companies. He was shortlisted for the 4th Estate/ Guardian Books B4ME Short Story Prize.