Bernardine Evaristo


Girl, Woman, Other

Hamish Hamilton

Welcome to Britain and twelve very different people – mostly women, mostly black – who call it home. Bernardine Evaristo’s novel follows her characters across generations and through multiple parts of the country, exploring a rich variety of distinct perspectives as it teems with life and crackles with energy. Polyphonic and stylistically adventurous, Girl, Woman, Other is a new kind of history and a novel of our times – a love song to modern Britain and black womanhood.

Bernardine Evaristo is the Anglo-Nigerian award-winning author of seven books of fiction and verse fiction that explore aspects of the African diaspora: past, present, real, imagined. Her writing also spans short fiction, reviews, essays, drama and writing for BBC radio. She is Professor of Creative Writing at Brunel University London and Vice Chair of the Royal Society of Literature. As a literary activist for inclusion, Bernardine Evaristo has founded several successful initiatives including Theatre of Black Women (1982–86), Spread the Word writer development agency (1995–present); The Complete Works mentoring scheme for poets of colour (2007–17) and the Brunel International African Poetry Prize (2012 – ongoing).